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  • PRODUCT CATEGORY: ACE MEF Transformation & Wellbeing Tools

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Brief Description

The Cilindro De Laser is a versatile tool; it is an optical crystal, which has 9 faces and 2 ends. There is an end which is longer than the other, and that is the side, which is considered as IN. The other end is shorter and that is considered as OUT. The cilindro de laser has gone through its time in absolute silence as a result of which it evokes a rise of potential to correct imbalances by strengthening ones awareness, consciousness, energy in order to manifest, enrich and fulfill whatever they want to. This tool is used by the Life Consultant to conduct Energetic Surgery for all aspects of life whether it’s the human form, animal, plant and/or environment. ACE Surgery is not meant to cut out and throw, but reverse it to its balanced and original state.


Life Consultant:

1) Medically, if a surgery has been advised, then do the ACE Surgery session as an added complement to the pencil eraser and organ massage technique for unwanted growths and anatomical imbalances.

2) As a life consultant if you have not seen much improvement from the pencil eraser and/or organ massage transformation and wellness sessions then an ACE Surgery is advised.

Environment Correction:

1) Based on the scanning of an environment an ACE Surgery might be recommended based on the severity of the imbalance in the environment. Laser is a beam of light, which dissolves and cleanses just like a fire – turning it into ashes. That’s how the laser cleanses the environment by dissolving anything that is out of balance.

2) Once the ACE Surgery is completed the whole property can then be further enriched. Based on the scanning products may be recommended.


This crystal unlike other crystals is not programmable and can be used by anybody.