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Although we have access to all the resources required to source energy, we still experience a lack in our system.
Dr. S.K. Ramesh has developed training modules so that we can learn, practice and adapt the ACE MEF tools and techniques to have a balance in ALL aspects of our system.

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An ACE MEF tool shall help sustain a balanced YOU!

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Dr. S.K. Ramesh says, "One creates their own problems knowingly or unknowingly and similarly, we have the capacity to de-create them as well."
To invoke the self healing process within you, we offer sessions based on your problem and its intensity.

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“Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity is the only key to success!” Dr. S.K. Ramesh
“Never miss an opportunity to learn, always use an opportunity to return!”Ms. Chetna Nandini Ramesh
“Happiness is not a when or a where, it can be a here and a now!” Dr. Shresht S. Ramesh
“Life is about integration not dis-integration”Ms. Nikhila Tarini Ramesh