About Us

THE FAMILY We are a family corporation run by the family for the families of this universe.

Dr. S.K. Ramesh Chairman

Dr. Shresht S. Ramesh Vice Chairman

Ms. Chetna Nandini Ramesh CEO

Ms. Nikhila Tarini Ramesh COO

About Us vision and mission

The Vision

Breaking barriers and borders to let humanity, animals, nature, the universe and ALL to "Awaken the Teacher within", experience "The Truth", "The Joy of Oneness without Borders", "The Integrated Experience" , "The Complete Freedom" and "Fulfill the very Purpose of Life"

The Mission

Every living and non-living matter in all dimensions, however miniscule or however immense,
has an individual awareness, consciousness and energy of its own. Our Mission is to Enrich the
Awareness, Consciousness & Energy at all levels of creation in order to fulfill "The Vision"

Our Presence

An association with me is an association forever. Dr. S.K. Ramesh
I do not believe in the norm of limitations. I believe in the norm of freedom. Nikhila Tarini Ramesh
A solution within nature has always been my first choice. Dr. Shresht S. Ramesh
Creation is the creativity of your heart. Chetna Nandini Ramesh