Consciousness Enrichment

25-Apr-2011 ,  

I am S P Sudheendra Bhaskar and would like to give a testimonial on the DRPF MEF products. At the age of 8 I broke my right hand - it has been attached however, it is angulated. Over the years, I have been having constant pain in the right hand and in a particular area in my ankle. The orthopedic surgeon said that my ankle problem cannot be avoided due to the weight which is exerted on it while walking. In the year 2000, I learnt meditation and continue to do it today. Moreover, I have learned how to reduce the pain for a short duration, but it tends to come back. I have now learned about MEF science and these products are just amazing and start working in seconds. I am stunned as they have been giving spiritual experiences also. I appreciate this experience because it connects with the meditation I do. Dr. Ramesh I consider you as my Guru. Please let me know when your training is being held here. I would like to attend them and learn how to awaken myself as well as help others.