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ACE MEF Pendulum

  • PRODUCT CATEGORY: ACE MEF Transformation & Wellbeing Tools

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The ACE to MEF Pendulum is used as a tool to

answer yes/no questions and scan various aspects

of life. For instance, a Life Consultant may use it

as a tool to scan the environment, potential of a

client at their physical, mental, emotional and

spiritual level. At the physical level, the various

organs can also be scanned. It can be used to

jumpstart the self-healing process for a client.

The pendulum when suspended from a stationary position will usually swing back and

forth, left and right or in a circular motion (clockwise/anticlockwise). This movement

differs from person to person.

Brief Description

This pendulum has 7 colored lights alternating when it is switched on, which represent the

chakras and can be used for light therapy. Each of the 7 colors represents the following:

Violet - spirituality

Indigo – self awareness, intuition

Blue – communicative, peace,

Green – vitality, wealth, growth, balance, health

Yellow – optimism, happiness, wisdom

Orange – fresh, youth, creativity

Red – passion, excitement, energy, security

The ACE to MEF Pendulum is usually used by Life Consultants who have been trained by