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ACE MEF Flask Pack

  • PRODUCT CATEGORY: ACE MEF Transformation & Wellbeing Tools

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Usually, the ACE to MEF Flasks is given as one of the remedies for the ACE to MEF Solution and/or Life Journey Solutions. The Life Journey solutions is a service we provide. It is a customized service for each individual. It involves using fingerprints, which are unique to every individual and the sound of our name. It is our fingerprints and sound of our name, which are passed on from one lifetime to the other.

ACE MEF Solutions work from the root level to bring about a balance.
Therefore, we at DRPF give you an ACE MEF Life Journey solution to add an immeasurable value to the Life Journey correction process. The ACE MEF Solution works to clear the karma of the current life and ALL lives past and future, to finally attain Moksha and become one with the ALL. It helps to bring about a balance in your health, wealth, wisdom, career, business, relationships and environment. The ACE MEF Solution balances the flow of Awareness, Consciousness and Energy in your system.

The ACE to MEF Flask – LJ Water has been processed to charge your water or any other cold or hot drink, which you consume on a daily basis. The benefit of drinking from the LJ Water flask is that it works on all the acupressure points present on our tongue hence, reaching out to our entire body. The drink consumed will be charged to refresh and strengthen our entire body.

The ACE to MEF Flask - LJ Oil is used to charge any oil, which can be applied on the body and be edible as well. Hence, bringing about a balance to our inner body, outer body and food which is being consumed as well.