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The Masaje Cilindro is a versatile tool; it is an optical crystal, which has 9 faces and 2 ends. There is an end, which is protruding and that is the end, which is considered as IN. The other end is flatter and that is considered as OUT. The Masaje Cilindro has gone through its time in absolute silence as a result of which it evokes a rise of potential to correct imbalances by strengthening ones awareness, consciousness, energy in order to manifest, enrich and fulfill whatever they want to. It is used wherever there is an imbalance, be it a human body, animal, plant or environment and all its elements; earth, air, water, fire, space and time.


Self Treatment:

If you purchase an ACE to MEF Masaje Cilindro and have not completed the Life Consultant Advanced MEF Techniques workshop, please learn a few simple techniques of self-treatment from a Life Consultant. The Life Consultant will advise on how many timesyou need to apply this self-treatment based on the severity of the imbalance.

The following steps will explain how you can use the ACE to MEF Masaje Cilindro for self-treatment:

  • Apply the ACE MEF Sesame Oil or any other oil provided by DRPF on the affected organ, which is known as the point of entry.
  • Place the ACE MEF Handkerchief or ACE MEF Flexi Pad on the affected organ so we know the location of where the massage has to be done.
  • Then start the organ massage with the Masaje Cilindro.
  • Do 3.6 spirals in a clockwise fashion from big to small with the IN OUT IN cycle of 3/5/7/9 depending on the severity of the problem.
  • Once you’ve completed all the affected organs, do a 3.6 clockwise spiral (only IN) big to small for all your 7 chakras/energy centers.
  • After activating the 7 chakras make 3.6 CONTRACTING clockwise rotations at all the joints (shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee and ankle). When you finish the right shoulder move to the left shoulder, then move to the left elbow, right elbow, right wrist, left wrist and so on for the hips, knee and ankles.
  • Ensure that you balance both sides and never cross the body diagonally to go to the next joint.
  • Do 3 clockwise rotations from big to small for the right half of the body, 3 clockwise rotations from big to small for the left half of the body and a 3.6 spiral from big to small for the full body.
  • After completing the above steps keep your eyes closed for 9 / 18 / 27 minutes.
  • Slowly move your fingers and toes, rub your palms together and place it on your eyes.
  • Gently open your eyes. If you experience any dizziness, keep your eyes closed for a little while longer. Observe any changes you feel in your body.

Environment Correction: 

This tool can be used to massage the environment and/or remove any blockages, which is not allowing a 100% flow of potential. The reach of the massage bar is only the atmosphere within the gravitational pull. Hence, it helps the air element to enrich itself.

Life Consultant:

All Life Consultants who have completed the Life Consultant Advanced MEF Techniques workshop have been trained to use the ACE MEF Masaje Cilindro during one on one Transformation & Wellness Sessions. Based on the scans completed by a Life Consultant for the client, an Organ Transformation & Wellness Massage Session may be advised. These sessions are done to help the body bring about a balance in the physiological or functional imbalance. Moreover, it is an added complement to help balance an anatomical problem, functional problem, tumors and/or cancers.


This crystal unlike other crystals is not programmable and can be used by anybody.