Vibuthi (Holy Ash) on MEF Individual Astro Card

23-Apr-2013 ,  

From Client:My father is suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 4 and is undergoing dialysis from January. We came across DRPF through Mr.Hari Raju, a student of Dr.S.K Ramesh. We were happy to hear how DRPF products could help in curing my father’s disease. I provided them with my house plan to get the Graha-Vastu & GeoPathic stress checked, two places were identified, one of the spots being where my father sleeps! I got an explanation on the DRPF system & how it helps in healing stress & removing the negative energies. I was quite impressed & purchased an MEF Individual Astro Card for him. I have observed significant improvement in him as he has been more active & independent. In April, after my father got back home from a dialysis session he wore the Astro Card after his bath & noticed that there was VIBUDHI (holy ash) coming from the card along with its spiritual smell. He was quite shocked & gave me a call; I didn't believe it until I saw it & instantly passed on the message.