My small realization with MEF

21-Jun-2013 Baljinnyam Badamkhand,  Darkhan

First of all, I am expressing my gratitude to my consciousness life teacher Dr.Segu Krishna Ramesh. Thanks to simple teaching of great knowledge by our teacher, my small realization is WE ARE ALL CONNECTED TO ALL. So, If we want to create abundance of EVERYTHING, we can do it. Thanks to MEF I feel full, and I know what is waiting for me in front. We all can build together New Golden Era in very short time. I already made my decision to change not only my life for better but also for ALL. My advice for you all, do not hesitate and waste your time, just listen to your heart and do your first step, change your life in consciousness way. Be free and full. Let's become ONE BIG FAMILY all together. let's awaken our inner person with love. LOVE is knocking your door, open your door and receive it with joy. With all love, Betty Badamkhand Mongolia